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The patented Carboteq is an easy-to-use portable measuring instrument to accurately predict the remaining lifetime of a carbon ceramic brake disc.
Carboteq is introduced by Proceq of Switzerland, manufacturer of highest quality and precision measurement instruments.

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Proceq is official partner of „Verband Schweizer Porsche Clubs“, organizer of the Porsche Sports Cup Suisse race series.

Since its world premiere at the Frankfurt International Automobile Show (IAA 1999),the carbon ceramic brake disc has been gaining rapid recognition and usage within the premium class automobile community: Porsche, Pagani, Lexus, Mercedes-AMG, McLaren, Maserati, BMW and the list keeps growing. The inspiration for the carbon ceramic brake disc was derived from the continuous quest for performance perfection in racing and high performance road cars, supersonic aircraft and high speed railway braking systems.

Silicon carbide and carbon fiber
Materials used for carbon ceramic brake discs: silicon carbide and carbon fibers.


The product as it is today delivers unsurpassed extraordinary advantages:


Weighing 50 % less than conventional cast iron brake discs resulting in subsequently reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


Less rotating and lower unsprung mass increases traction and steering control.


Its particular construction and extreme hardness ensure a substantially longer lifetime than cast iron brake discs.


A significant reduction in stopping distance (eg: 3 m braking from 100 to 0 km/h).


Low deformation at high temperatures, ie: constant braking force for high decelerations even after several stops.


90 % less fine dust than cast iron brake discs.


Very good Noise Vibration Harshness behaviour and a constant brake pedal feeling.

High performance carbon ceramic brake discs are subject to extreme forces – such as heat or friction. This leads inevitably to the reduction of the mechanical strength of the brake discs.

Although the discs are extremely durable under normal conditions, ambitious driving can dramatically shorten their lifetime. To ensure passenger safety, all brake components must be monitored regularly. Until now, two methods of checking wear on carbon ceramic brake discs existed:

>> Dismantling and weighing of the disc
>> Visual inspections

These are both awkward and timeconsuming tasks which deliver varying degrees of accuracy. There was a strong industry need for a better solution.

automibile brake
Automobile brakes must endure brutal braking forces.
Using our expertise and a close collaboration with BSCCB (Brembo SGL Carbon Ceramic Brakes), Proceq was able to design Carboteq - a unique and patented instrument to accurately measure brake disc wear.

Carboteq is based on pulse-induction technology using a specific arrangement of inductive coils and advanced signal analysis to compensate for influences of material characteristics and brake disc geometries.

The early prototypes were extensively tested with selected automobile OEMs with astounding results. One such result is the undisputed superiority over the traditional weight loss method (see inset).

The latest Carboteq generation incorporates a specially designed line laser to further enhance positioniong accuracy. This ensures the Carboteq instrument is always placed exactly at the right spot to read the pre-engraved Carboteq value on the brake discs.

The easy-to-read display and robust design of the housing make the instrument perfectly suitable for different working environments.

And to round it off, each Carboteq is extensively tested in Switzerland and certified by official certification bodies and is thereby conforming to highest quality and automobile standards (TüV, NRTL, GS, UL, CE).

Silicon carbide and carbon fiber 

While the weight of the brake disc decreases typically only about 1.25% (ca. 100 g) during the whole life cycle of the brake disc (80 fadings in the test shown), the Carboteq value provides a difference of 50 % in the same test setup. This results in an accurate prediction of the remaining lifetime of a carbon ceramic brake disc.

Silicon carbide and carbon fiber Owners of Racing and High Performance Cars
  Accurate tracking of the brake disc’s lifespan allows greater ease of mind to decide when to replace brake discs (safety) and to optimize usage of expensive brake discs (cost).
Silicon carbide and carbon fiber Manufacturers of Carbon Ceramic Brake Discs
  Significant simplification of production processes resulting in enhanced manufacturing efficiencies and quality assurance levels. Full potential of the brake disc can now be exploited leading to higher demand for carbon ceramic brake discs.
Silicon carbide and carbon fiber Automobile OEMs
  Accelerated acceptance of “lighter” carbon ceramic brake discs for all types of vehicles resulting in reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Very little brake dust is generated contributing to further protection of the environment.
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Silicon carbide and carbon fiber Garages
  Time saving maintenance since no dismantling of the wheel brake assembly is necessary. The user friendliness of Carboteq leads to even faster auto service times.
Silicon carbide and carbon fiber Car Dealers
  Quick and simple verification of carbon ceramic brake discs in used cars.
Silicon carbide and carbon fiber Vehicle Inspection Stations
  Reliable periodic inspections to ensure brake discs conform with regulations governing road safety.